Don Pasquale by Gaetano Donizetti


Don Pasquale is an opera buffa, or comic opera, in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti with an Italian libretto completed largely by Giovanni Ruffini as well as the composer. It was based on a libretto by Angelo Anelli for Stefano Pavesi’s opera Ser Marcantonio written in 1810 but, on the published libretto, the author appears as “M.A.”

Act 1 沈韵 Yun Shen
Act 2 沈韵 Yun Shen
陈建蔚 Jianwei Chen
Act 3 沈韵 Yun Shen
李运宽 Yunkuan Li
多尼采蒂歌剧《唐帕斯夸拉》, 歌剧经典系列
Cast And Vocal Parts
Don Pasquale, an elderly bachelor (bass)
Dr. Malatesta, Don Pasquale’s physician and friend (baritone)
Ernesto, Don Pasquale’s nephew (tenor)
Norina, a young widow, engaged to Ernesto (soprano)
A notary (bass)
Valets, chambermaids, majordomo, dressmaker, hairdresser