Why established musicians as well as lesser known artists should use China Albums? We don’t demand ownership of music rights. We help you to distribute your work as long as you own the rights, even if you are not well known or represented by any major labels. With China Albums you may earn the most whether you are well known or lesser known. This is good for you either short or long term.

Well Known: Do you know you may not get the maximum earnings if you signed a recording contract with a label? A recording contract is a legally binding document between an artist and a production or record company. The main purpose of the contract is to give the record/production company rights to use or sell recordings of the artists’ performances which would then be licensed to the record company by the artist. Contracts are biased in favor of the record companies, who control the master recordings and charge the full amount of production to the artists ‘possible’ royalty account leaving them with an outstanding cost unless the recordings are hugely successful. Many stars of yesteryear whose songs are still covered by major artists today are still paid on the basis of their original contracts and receive pennies rather than dollars in royalties. In addition artists are not paid on the actual number of records sold, instead royalties are calculated on only 90% of sales! This dates back to the age of 78 vinyl records when an average 10% would break in transit. China Albums provides much better gain.

Lesser Known: Hundreds of unsolicited demo’s are sent in every week to record companies, many of which are never listened to. The record company will only listen to the first 20/30 seconds of a song before sending out a rejection letter, so how does an artist/band get their masterpiece heard? Since the Record Company needs to pay the initial expenses with possible zero return, it will sign the least favorable contract with the artist. A lesser known artist has no bargaining power, he is happy with “any” deal. China Albums provides the opportunities for your initial start without your losing potential larger gain later on.
为什么知名音乐家以及不知名音乐家会用到中集(China Albums)? 我们不要求您交出你的版权。我们帮助您发布您的作品,只要你对你自己的作品拥有版权,不管你是不是有名, 即使主要唱片公司对您没有兴趣,中集(China Albums)都会帮助您发展的。

名家:你知道不知道如果你与唱片公司签订了录音合同你可能损失有多大?一个录音合同是一个音乐家和一个制作公司之间具有法律约束力的文件。该合同的主要目的是给录音制作公司有权使用或出售录音。合同是偏向于唱片公司,制作成本最终要从销售中扣除。因为合同永久有效,当今许多歌曲明星们仍然用其最初原合同分红。由于最初无名这分红的比例是很小的。China Albums 为您提供最好的分红比。

不知名:因为每周数会有上百个作品送到唱片公司,唱片公司在发出拒绝信前只能每首歌曲听20 秒的时间。所以您的杰作很难被发现。由于唱片公司需要支付初始费用,可能亏本,所有将与音乐家签署最不利的合同。不知名的音乐家没有讨价还价的能力。China Albums 为您提供最便宜的销售渠道。

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