[:en]Beethoven Sonata No.7 op.30 Finale: Allegro; Presto (in C minor)[:]


This is Finale: Allegro; Presto (in C minor).
The Violin Sonata No. 7 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethoven, the second of his Op. 30 set, was composed between 1801 and 1802, published in May 1803, and dedicated to Tsar Alexander I of Russia. It has four movements:

Allegro con brio (in C minor)
Adagio cantabile (in A-flat major)
Scherzo: Allegro (in C major)
Finale: Allegro; Presto (in C minor)

Violin solo by Mr. Yi-Fan Gao (高一帆)
2015.8—2017.5 University of North Texas Program: Music Performance
He studied under Prof. Julia Bushkova, took classes from Gregory Lee, Kevork Mardirossian
(师从俄罗斯艺术家Julia Bushkova教授) 在校期间曾多次参加大师课,曾参加Gregory Lee, Kevork Mardirossian⼤师课

Finale: Allegro; Presto 小提琴独奏, 贝多芬第七奏鸣曲No.7 op.30 高一凡演[:]